Guy Gonyea

I am an award-winning commercial photographer who has been based in Saigon, Vietnam since 2004. While Vietnam has been my base of operations in Asia, I have also photographed in India, Thailand and Cambodia to service regional clients.

My clients have included major international companies like Honda, Samsung, Pizza Hut, Lipton and Unilever. I have photographed for most of the international advertising agencies including Grey Global, DDB, Saatchi, Bates, Ogilvy and JWT.

I have also worked with large and not-so-large companies in Asia to handle their corporate needs from facilities to corporate headshots.I have had the excitement of photographing great actors, highly talented musicians and some of the most beautiful models in Asia. And I have had the pleasure to photograph many exceptionally normal people too, who rate as some of my favorite subjects!

Why am I unique?

What I most often hear from my portrait clients, personal and corporate is that my photo shoots capture their feelings more than just their appearances. I love to spend the time to get to know my clients, discover their moods and feelings and then help them bring out their real selves.

For my commercial work, whether lifestyle, product or architecture I am well known to be a very detailed lighting expert always getting that something special, getting the best imagery that set my clients and their products and services apart from their competition.

What is the experience like?

My portrait clients often tell me they don’t look good in photos. After seeing the proofs they always have a big smile on their faces when they say they never thought they could look so good!

My mission is to make you feel wonderful about being who you are…and that you will never forget how much fun it has been working closely with me in creating your beautiful images.

And for those demanding commercial projects, my clients really appreciate that communication, often between people of different languages and cultures is well thought out and clearly communicated with all the right questions asked and answers that are real world and workable. I’m known essay moment as running a comfortable but top professional environment on set and making sure that everyone works together as one team to get the best results for the client.

How I shoot? Studio/Location/Equipment?

How do I make you, your company and your products look and feel the best ever?
While I have great professional camera and lighting equipment, it’s about how I see and experience you, whether as a nervous first time portrait client or a veteran account manager or art director…or client. The reason your images turn out so great is that I take the time to get to know you, get to know what makes your product or service different than the competition. I never rush a shoot.

What turns me on about photographing people whether family portraits or corporate head shots is discovering who they are, their experiences and their feelings and then capturing that. Many clients tell me that even though I don’t know much about them when we first meet by the end of a shoot they feel like I have found something in them very few people get to know.

The same goes for commercial lifestyle images or products. Every person and even every product has it’s own character and I use my artistic eye to create the look and feel to make what ever I shoot exceptional and unique.

What people often say sets me apart from many other good photographers is my obsession with light. To me the most important parts of my job are to find what is beneath a client’s persona and to create lighting that compliments that part of them.

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