Advertising has been our main source of business since GGP set up studio in Vietnam back in 2004. We have serviced clients as diverse as Zerox and Panasonic for large business equipment and appliances to HSBC and Mobifone for consumer services, all the way down to Gau Do for instant noodles and Lipton for bottle packaging. What allows us to cover such a broad range of clients is our ability to create exceptional lighting to bring out the qualities in all our clients’ products and services. And we always deliver on time and on budget.

What constantly challenges and inspires me in working with my commercial clients is taking a concept envisioned by the art department and “making it happen” in real life through my camera and lights. Often times what works in a layout or drawing needs my insight to make it work on set. When I see the client and the art team smiling at the end of the day I know I have succeeded at realizing the hopes of the client and the vision of the agency. That makes me smile!

A Web-Xinh Demo

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