Fine Art

Fine art. The place I get to show off my photographer’s bones! The incredible landscape and intriguing people of Vietnam are what got me to begin my photographic journey many years ago. When I need to get away from it all, I grab my camera and a handful of flash cards and disappear. I have had the pleasure to disappear to such beautiful places as Vietnam, India, the Southwest deserts of the US, France, and the UK. Other times when I really need to disappear I just hide away in my studio and create magic with an elegant bottle or a flowering plant or a handful of ripe fruit. It’s all Fine with me!

What inspires me to do fine art work? The whole wide crazy world, that’s what! The way a flower blossoms. The way light reflects off glass. The way a river cuts through rock. The dirty face of a kid being a kid. The wrinkles in a face that’s lived a full life.

A Web-Xinh Demo

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