Portraiture High Key

If there is one aspect of my photography that I would call my “own”, my “identity”, it would be my high-key glamour photography. I adore the soft, innocent yet sensual look in my high-key glamour portraiture. My work is always natural lighting. I find nothing captures my portraiture clients more purely and honestly than daylight. My style is minimal wardrobe, minimal makeup and minimal hairstyling. I always tell them, “I’m not photographing a paint job, I’m photographing you!” If my clients are often a bit shy at the beginning of a session, worried without all that “decoration” they won’t look great in photos, I almost always hear them at the end proclaim that they’ve never looked better!

When my web designer asked me, “What is my inspiration for doing my portrait/glamour photography”, I said, “Inspiration??? LOOK at these pictures!” My inspiration comes from my clients. I find out who they really are, behind the façade of the roles they play. My photos are not so much of beautiful faces but of beautiful souls who show up in that magic smile, or that special pose or that revealing look in their eyes.

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