Architecture Photography

I love shooting with available light and that’s why I get so much enjoyment out of creating really beautiful realistic portraits of buildings, rooms and furniture. Sometimes the way you light a space for living in it and the way you light it for the camera is quite different though. A photographer has to know when to add light and how to add it to still keep the visual experience real.

Studio rental

GGP can provide you with a studio to fit your needs and your budget. All our studios have aircon, wifi, and wardrobe facilities and sufficient lighting. We can handle anything from tabletop to automobiles.

Production Assistance

GGP has access to any level of production support that your job requires including talent services, set decor, location scouting and catering.

Location Shoots

Whether in your studio, remote outdoor location or indoor settings, GGP can work with you and provide all the necessary expertise.

TVC production cooperation

A common matter of business these days is the production of still photography in conjunction with TVC production. As budgets have become tighter this is a natural evolution of the commercial ad business and GGP has extensive experience working with TVC production houses to coordinate and execute successful shoots while being sensitive to the demands of TVC production schedules.


Advertising Photography

Advertising has been our main source of business since GGP set up studio in Vietnam back in 2004. We have serviced clients as diverse as Zerox and Panasonic for large business equipment and appliances to HSBC and Mobifone for consumer services, all the way down to Gau Do for instant noodles and Lipton for bottle packaging. What allows us to cover such a broad range of clients is our ability to create exceptional lighting to bring out the qualities in all our clients’ products and services. And we always deliver on time and on budget.

Hotel, Restaurant & Resort

GGP has years of excellent results of producing high quality images of facilities, from rooms to restaurants, recreation and common areas as well as food & beverage and health/fitness services. Our clients have included airbnb, restaurants, global hotel chains and cruise ships.

Commercial Buildings

Color balancing different light sources, shooting during the ‘magic hour’ for building exteriors, perspective control and shooting any hour to get the best shot have been part and parcel of GGP’s architectural business.


GGP also works direct-to-client for corporate photography needs, ranging from production factories to corporate headquarters to land use projects. Shooting inside factories where low-level lighting can often be a problem is not a problem for GGP.


Working Process

Meetings, Meetings.

Well, they’re a big part of successful commercial shoots. “I don’t roll my eyes every time I hear the words ‘Pre-pro meeting’! One strength of mine that helps ensure that every shoot turns out successful is my communication skills, especially my listening skills!” says Guy. “I’m great in a meeting with that nervous, demanding client. And I’m great at getting your team and my team on the same page to make your job seamless, which helps you keep your client happy.”

Shooting day.

“While I might enjoy an occasional pre-pro meeting argument with the agency or production team, once everyone is on set then team support is what it’s all about. I’m well known to be a perfectionist on set, especially when it comes to lighting and talent support. Our shoots may not always be the fastest but they are always highly successful!”


“I’m the type of photographer who actually prefers to be a photographer first! A lot of the typical post- production work just never happens as I have already dialed in the best lighting and framing and obsessively paid attention to every detail. And that extra detail I give on the shoot makes sure ‘clean up’ is a rare step in the editing process.” Of course one can never control all the variables of locations, weather, product packaging and talent ‘imperfections’ and that’s where GGP’s digital imaging team becomes the superstars. GGP’s DI team are the best in the business, are an international team and have the support to accomplish anything, from excellent masking to color grading to computer graphics (CG) and compositing. And having a large team makes them best at delivering a job on time.

A Web-Xinh Demo

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