Portraiture High Key

If there is one aspect of my photography that I would call my “own”, my “identity”, it would be my high-key glamour photography. I adore the soft, innocent yet sensual look in my high-key glamour portraiture. My work is always natural lighting. I find nothing captures my portraiture clients more purely and honestly than daylight. My style is minimal wardrobe, minimal makeup, and minimal hairstyling.


Portraiture Low Key

I’m not the kind of photographer who always likes a lot of happy poses and smiley faces. My goal is to capture your moods and find those deep emotional moments that reveal the person I am working with. Low-key photography is absolutely alluring for showing off the complex lives we all live. My low-key portraiture is still minimalist, focusing on the mystical magical you rather than the actor and his or her costumes.


Photography Packages

GGP photo sessions are normally 3 hours of shooting, makeup and wardrobe preparation. You can choose one of three options; a studio shoot in our studio, a shoot at your residence or an organized shoot in an outdoor setting.

Standard Package

A standard photo shoot package including digital & social media ready files up to 1920px x 1280px. You will receive your final images in both .jpg and .png format for the best possible display on the web.

Deluxe Package

Standard photo shoot package PLUS a beautiful hardcover A4 album including 20 printed images, black & white or color. Additional images are available for an additional charge.

VIP Package

Standard photo shoot package PLUS a beautiful hardcover A4 album including 20 printed images, black & white or color PLUS hi-resolution large prints from A4 – A2 size. This VIP package is customized for each VIP client and we will sit down with you to decide the best size assortments for your chosen pictures. Of course additional images are always available.

The Photographer

Working With Me

When it comes to your special portraits and glamour images I am very much a one-to-one kind of person. People photography is just that, photography of real, breathing, dynamic people! The most special people in the world, when it’s your moment in the studio or on location. I take the time to sit with you and listen to what your dreams are for your photo shoot. I take the time to get to know you, your feelings and your moods and then create a shoot that will bring out that person in you. More than just creating technically wonderful pictures I like to think I’m a bit of a master of showing who you are, not only the part you project to the world but that inner side of you that shines through your eyes and your smile.

After your initial consulting appointment, I will support you in making decisions for wardrobe, makeup, location, even mood music to get you ready for your important day on set. During the shoot I will be there not just capturing your best looks but coaching you and guiding you in your intimate personal moment, always looking for that unique person inside you to show up and shine as brightly as you have ever shined. I pride myself in having to do very little photoshop to make your images stand out and look stunning. But of course, I’m also very experienced at the minor touch ups to make you look your best.

A Web-Xinh Demo

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